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Press Release

World's Most Customizable Wristband - Best Wearable 2018 

Trade/Collect Them All


West Haven, Connecticut - USA - June 7th 2018


The problem is finding a watch, bracelet or wristband that fits all occasions and keeps up with the times.


No wearable currently offers a quick and easy solution to create your own personal wristband accessory to fit your needs and redesigns your style.


Introducing Lexx Band, the revolutionary all in one wristband with interchangeable inserts that instantly customizes to fit your needs. Lexx Band is a fashionable wristband that that has a unique "Patent Pending" design with two insert chambers that allows for quick and simple exchanges to create virtually any design. Lexx Band's unique design allows for an all in one wristband offering countless colors, collectible designs, symbols, sayings, entertainment, fashion and even useful wearable technologies.

To use, simply place and align the desired inserts against the Lexx Band chamber and push the inserts until they securely snap into place. When ready for a new look, simply pop out the inserts and replace them with new ones.




Product Video


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